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Inclusive Colors for a Diverse World

NE1 was founded by Cole Kubisiak in November 2020, driven by a passion for gender-neutral beauty and self-expression. Our unique range of nail polish shades is not only gender-neutral but also named by customers, bringing a fresh perspective to every color. Welcome to a nail polish world designed for everyone, where you can feel as fierce as Cole does when rocking their favorite shade.

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Empowering the Next Generation


At NE1, we believe in inspiring and supporting young dreamers. That's why we've created the NE1, NE-Dream Scholarship Fund. With every bottle sold, $1 goes towards this fund, which is awarded annually to a deserving high school senior. Together, we can help the next generation achieve their dreams and create a more inclusive future.

You can support the scholarship more by adding a Dreamer Bottle to any order. The Dreamer Bottle adds $1 directly to the scholarship fund.

Application is live until 5/1/23!

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Sustainability Matters

Smaller Bottles, Less Waste, and Responsible Recycling

Understanding the environmental impact of nail polish waste, NE1 is committed to sustainability. Our nail polishes come in smaller bottles to reduce waste, and you can learn how to recycle their old bottles properly on any of our polish product pages. It's our way of ensuring a beautiful planet for generations to come.

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