Our Commitment to Sustainability

At NE1, we believe in making a colorful statement while also taking care of our beautiful planet. That's why we've put our hearts (and manicured hands) into creating a sustainable nail polish experience that you can feel good about!

  • Easy Bottle Recycling

    We get it, trying new nail polish shades is as exciting as unwrapping a gift. But what about all those empty bottles? Don't worry! Our nail polish bottles are designed to be easily recyclable. The easiest way to recycle your old nail polish is to find a household hazardous waste facility. 

  • Planting Trees

    Did you know that every time you order your favorite NE1 shades, you're also contributing to a greener world? It's true! With our commitment to eco-consciousness, we've partnered with Sprout to plant a tree for every order placed. Because taking care of our planet should feel as good as rocking an amazing nail color.

If there isn't a facility nearby follow these steps to be able to recycle your bottles with the rest of your recyclable items.

Clear out old nail polish

Clear all of the old nail polish out of the bottle by pouring a small amount of nail polish remover into the bottle. Screw the cap back on and shake the bottle vigorously a few times.

Pour out polish onto paper towel

The polish should start to thin quickly. Pour out the polish onto a paper towel (do not put down your sink or toilet).


Repeat until the liquid that you pour out is completely clear and has no nail polish left.

Rinse the empty bottle

Rinse the empty bottle with water and leave to dry.

Throw out cap and brush

The cap and brush are not able to be recycled. You will have to throw this part in the trash.

Recycle empty bottle

Recycle dried, empty nail polish bottle.