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Seattle Nail Decals

Seattle Nail Decals

Meet our Seattle Nail Decals, a collection of hand-drawn designs capturing the essence of the beautiful city. Show off your Seattle pride with easy-to-apply decals featuring iconic symbols like the Space Needle and Mount Rainier. Let your nails become a canvas of Seattle-inspired art and express your love for the Emerald City.

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How to use

- Grab your decals, scissors, tweezers, top coat and a small bowl of water

- Paint your nails whatever color you wish. Light colors work best. Apply 1-2 layers. Let dry completely.

- Cut out around the decal and set it aside.

- Apply a layer of top coat to your nail; this will act as the adhesive for your decal.

- Place the decal into water with tweezers (so you don't ruin any freshly painted nails) for 10-15 seconds. Take out of water and gently slide the decal off the paper backing. If it doesn't budge, place back in water for a few seconds and try again.

- Use your finder to press the nail decal down all the way making sure that it is smooth against your nail. Be sure to remove excess water.

- Apply another layer of top coat covering your whole nail and allow to dry completely. Repeat to really seal in the design.

- Once your nails are dry, you are done! Feel free to reapply top coats as days go on to make the manicure last longer.


All orders are shipped from Seattle, WA. Delivery timing depends on shipment service selected.

If buying with a nail polish bottle it will be shipped via ground due to shipping restrictions for nail polish.

Please allow 2-7 business days to receive your order after order confirmation. Tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment.

Return policy

Returns will be accepted within 14 days of purchase for unopened stickers only.

Please reach out to and we will help you process the return.

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  • Collaborative & Inclusive Names

    All our colors are named in collaboration with customers! Giving others the opportunity to name the colors allows our brand to showcase so many more unique experiences so that anyone can feel welcomed.

  • Free of Harmful Chemicals

    We've partnered with one of the best nail polish manufacturers in the United States to create a product is 7-Free without compromising the quality of the product. 

  • Environmentally Conscious

    Specially designed bottles help reduce nail polish waste and cut back on the half-used bottles sitting on your shelf. Plus you can easily recycle them. Check out how below!

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How to Recycle

Nail polish is still considered a hazardous waste even though more and more companies like ourselves are taking out the most hazardous chemicals. The easiest way to recycle your old nail polish is to find a household hazardous waste facility. 

Find Your Local Facility

If there isn't a facility nearby follow these steps to be able to recycle your bottles with the rest of your recyclable items.

Clear out old nail polish

Clear all of the old nail polish out of the bottle by pouring a small amount of nail polish remover into the bottle. Screw the cap back on and shake the bottle vigorously a few times.

Pour out polish onto paper towel

The polish should start to thin quickly. Pour out the polish onto a paper towel (do not put down your sink or toilet).


Repeat until the liquid that you pour out is completely clear and has no nail polish left.

Rinse the empty bottle

Rinse the empty bottle with water and leave to dry.

Throw out cap and brush

The cap and brush are not able to be recycled. You will have to throw this part in the trash.

Recycle empty bottle

Recycle dried, empty nail polish bottle.